Thrydan Wolfbane
Thrydan Wolfbane
Vital statistics
Birth Late-Third Age
Death TA 3001
Age Unknown
Fate Slain by Rohirrim soldiers during the Second Battle of the Fords of Isen.
Parentage Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Physical attributes
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Blue
Gender Male
Weapon Spear
Race Human (Dunlendings)
Actor Unknown actor

Thrydan Wolfbane was one of the Dunlending Chieftains who were in coalition with Saruman the White and Wulf II of Freawul. He was able to rise to War-Chief and later Brenhin of clan Draig-Lûth. A giant of a man, he lead through brute force rather than deftness of tongue and blade. He stood loyal to his mentor Saruman until his fall and died Second Battle of the Fords of Isen. Whatever the case, he was replaced by Burlag, a wiser leader.