Sam Kelly

Sam Kelly.

Sam Kelly (born April 17, 1981) is a New Zealand actor and director who played various roles in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as a Coronation Elf, a Council Elf, an Elf Warrior, a Last Alliance Elf, a Gondorian Soldier, and an Uruk-hai.



Short FilmEdit

  • Frames (2006) - director, story and producer
  • Darlene (2008) - director
  • The Witch & the Woodsman (2010) - producer
  • Lambs (2011) - director and writer


  • The Tribe (2000-03) - Shavehead, Token Thief, and Hawk
  • Revelations (2002-03) - assistant director
  • The Insiders Guide to Happiness (2004) - Man at Bank

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Sam had a speaking part in the Council of Elrond but it was cut from the theatrical version and it did not appear in the Extended Edition.

Notes and referencesEdit



The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingEdit


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