Vital statistics
Birth TA 2920
Death FO 10
Age 91
Fate Executed by a rival Easterling Emperor when he attempted to make peace with Aragorn during the early years of the Fourth Age
Parentage Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Physical attributes
Hair color Gray
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Weapon Spear and Sword
Race Human (Easterlings)
Actor Unknown actor

Rurzaur was one of the most powerful Easterling emperors who ruled the eastern nation of Rhûn. Living in Blázar, the capital city of Rhûn, Rurzaur and his people allied with Sauron and his dark forces during the War of the Ring.


Early lifeEdit

Rurzaur was born in TA 2920 and became Emperor after his father's death in TA 2940. At the age of 40 in TA 2960, Rurzaur fathered 2 sons, Erbunz and Sbazar, and in the same year, defeated Argaz, who was widely considered the fourth of the most powerful emperors of Rhûn. In TA 3000, The Dark Lord Sauron called upon Rurzaur and ordered him to come to Mordor alone. He was given a choice o either serve or die as an enemy. Hoping to save his people, Rurzaur had no choice to bring the Easterlings to side with Mordor. In that same year, he became number three among the most powerful emperor by defeating his rival Binzak.

War of the RingEdit

At the start of the War of the Ring, Rurzaur had been leading his forces in attacking Gondor, but their efforts to succeed had failed. While Sauron had planned on attacking Minas Tirith, Rurzaur was ordered by the Dark Lord to set march to Dale and destroy that kingdom. Before departing, he left Amdûr in charge of leading the Easterling armies to lay siege on Minas Tirith while he led his troops to the northern region of Rhovanion. During the battle in taking the city, Rurzaur's armies were close to succeeding, but when the message arrived at Dale that the One Ring had been cast into Mount Doom by the hobbit Frodo Baggins and Sauron was destroyed, Rurzaur was relieved by this and decided to withdraw in conquering Rhovanion, but during the retreat, Erbunz had been slain by Bard, son of Brand.

Fourth AgeEdit

Following Sauron's death, a new age had begun for the world of Arda. Rurzaur continued his rule in Rhûn. Sometime in FO 10, Rurzaur decided to make peace with King Elessar Telcontar of Gondor. However, his plan failed when he and his wife Slika were executed by a rival Easterling Emperor who refused to do so.


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