The Northrons were humans that lived in the north of Rhovanion in Middle-earth, and were friendly to Gondor. They dwellt in Greenwood the Great and other parts of Rhovanion were friendly to the Dúnedain and were after the Dúnedain the most noble Humans on Arda, counted as Middle Humans by the Dúnedain, and believed to have been descended from the same group of Humans as the Edain, the Atanatári. The only difference was that they didn't cross the Ered Luin into Beleriand and therefore didn't go to Númenor. The result of them not participating in the War against Morgoth was their considerably shorter lifespan if compared to the lifespan of the Dúnedain, whose lifespan was enhanced by the Valar after the War of Wrath. The Men of Dale and Esgaroth were also counted under the Northrons, as were the Wood-folk of Greenwood. Most of Rhovanion had been depopulated after the wars of the Easterlings and the Great Plague.


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