Muagan Yelloweye
Unknown Extra 48 as Breelander
Vital statistics
Birth TA 2919
Death TA 3001
Age 82
Fate Slain by Bucklanders during the Battle of the Shire.
Parentage Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Physical attributes
Hair color White
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Weapon Knife
Race Human
Actor Unknown actor

Muagan Yelloweye was a Breelander spy who worked for Saruman and the Ruffians during the War of the Ring. He mainly lived in the city of Bree during his life, and had always kept watch and delivered reports. Sometime during the war, Muagan had been smoking when he noticed four hobbits enter the Prancing Pony. Much to his shock when one of the hobbits disappeared, Muagan would deliver his report to Saruman on what he saw. Later, he commanded a lot of Ruffians in taking over the Shire, but his plan failed when he was killed by Bucklanders.


A Breelander born in the village of Bree, Muagan Yelloweye joined the Ruffians and caused a lot of trouble in Breeland. Sometime in TA 3001, Muagan and the Ruffians were in service of Saruman, who had recently betrayed the White Council and pledged his service to the Dark Lord Sauron. He and a small number of Ruffians had recently been serving as spies, and their job was to sent a number of reports to their master. Muagan had recently been staying at the inn of the Prancing Pony where he had been smoking a lot of weed-pipe. That was when he caught his eyes on four Hobbits that have just entered the inn. As he kept watching them secretly like a few Ruffians did, he was shocked when Frodo Baggins accidently slipped the One Ring and disappeared.

After the Hobbits had safely left Bree with Aragorn and ventured into the wild to avoid the Ringwraiths, Muagan traveled to Isengard to deliver his report on what he saw. Eventually, his master tasked him to lead the Ruffians in launching attacks on Bree and the Shire. He later commanded the four-score ruffians that barracked in Waymeet during the reign of Lotho Sackville-Baggins. Lacking the wit or military skills necessary to hold a position elsewhere in Saruman's domain, he was still able to bully local Hobbits and pillage the Westfarthing in his master's name. However, Muagan was slain by a group of Bucklanders that rebelled against their enemies during the Battle of the Shire.


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