Jarl Benzon

Jarl Benzon.

Jarl Benzon (born September 22, 1976) is a Danish-born New Zealand actor who played various characters in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, including an Elf, an Uruk-hai, a Rohan Soldier, a Rohan Stable Boy, a Gondorian, a Ranger, an Orc, and a Wildman. He also worked as a stand-in for Legolas in or out of costume for the trilogy.




  • Ring*Con 2004 - 2004 - Himself
  • RingCon 2009 - 2009 - Himself

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  • Jarl had also worked with Peter Jackson in King Kong and the first film of The Hobbit trilogy.
  • Jarl is the older brother of Jørn Benzon.

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