Hobbits, sometimes called the Small-folk or Halflings, were a small race of mortal humanoid beings that typically dwelt underground.


Hobbits were between three to four feet tall, the average height being 3 feet 6 inches, with short legs slightly pointed ears and furry feet with leathery soles, resulting in most never wearing shoes. Early in their recorded history, Hobbits were divided in three kinds with different customs and temperament. The Stoors grew facial hair and had an affinity for water, boats and swimming and wore boots; the Fallohides were fair, tall and slim, an adventurous people, friendlier and more open to outsiders. Finally, the Harfoots were the most numerous and instituted the living in burrows. In later days the Harfoot traits became the "norm". Hobbits had a life span somewhat longer than Men of non-Númenórean descent, averaging between 100 and 130 years. The time at which a young hobbit "came of age" was 33. The two oldest-living recorded hobbits were The Old Took (who reached the age of 130) and Bilbo Baggins (who surpassed at 131).


Throughout their history Hobbits had showed unparelleled skill, courage and also endurance and resistance in times of danger and terror. During their Wandering Days Hobbits demostrated an easiness to adapt to the environments they visited and adopted the customs and languages of the peoples they were in contact with. In the Shire, they had settled with a closed and comfort-loving lifestyle; they were fond of an unadventurous bucolic life of farming, eating, smoking pipe-weed, socializing and talking about genealogies. Hobbits also liked to drink ale in inns, and ate at least six meals a day when they could get them. Every Highday and after noon, Hobbits celebrated a small holiday with evening feasts.

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