Vital statistics
Birth TA 2783
Death FO 35
Age 253
Fate Attending the Council of Elrond during the War of the Ring.
Parentage Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Physical attributes
Hair color White
Eye color Blue
Gender Male
Weapon Axe
Race Dwarf
Actor Unknown actor

Glóin was an intelligent dwarf of Dúrin's Folk. He is the son of Gróin, the brother of Óin, the husband of Milli, and father of Gimli Lockbearer. He is most famous as one of Thórin's companions on the quest to reclaim Erebor. After reclaiming the mountain and receving a portion of the treasure, Glóin and his family would soon be involved in fighting the enemies of Mordor during the War of the Ring. Sometime after his son Gimli left and ventured to Mordor with the Fellowship of the Ring, Glóin became a good ally in protecting Rivendell where he established a camp just north in the Misty Mountains and to keep Goblins from attacking the Elven city.


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