Background Information
Type City
Location On a Hill in Southern part of Rohan
Realms Rohan
Founded/Built Late Third Age ?
Ruler King of Rohan
Other Information
Summary Capital city of Rohan with the Meduseld as the seat of the Kings of Rohan
Other names
Inhabitants Rohirrim
Spoken Languages Rohirric / Westron
Lifespan Late-Third Age - ?

"You'd find more cheer in a graveyard..."

Edoras was the capital city of Rohan.


Rohan's first capital was at Aldburg in the Folde, until King Eorl the Young or his son Brego built Edoras. Wulf son of Freca the Dunlending, invaded Rohan in TA 2758 and took Edoras usurping the throne in Meduseld. But the Long Winter, which had lasted five long months, ended and Fréaláf son of Hild came out of Dunharrow and with a small band of men, surprising Wulf, he attacked Edoras and slew Wulf, regaining the city. It was here that Aragorn, Gimli Lockbearer, Legolas Greenleaf, and Gandalf the White met with Théoden Ednew and freed him from Saruman's possession during the War of the Ring.


The city of Edoras was built on a hill in a valley of the White Mountains by Rohan's second King, Brego son of Eorl the Young. Before this, Rohan's capital was at Aldburg in the Folde. Edoras was built at the end of the valley of Harrowdale, which lay under the great mountain Starkhorn. The river Snowbourn flowed past the city on its way west towards the Entwash. As Rohan consisted of mostly small villages and farmsteads, Edoras was the closest thing Rohan had to a city, and held the Golden Hall of Meduseld.


The name Edoras is said to mean "the courts" in the Mark-speech of Rohan. In Old English, edoras (plural of edor, eodor) means "dwellings, houses".

Behind the ScenesEdit

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