Vital statistics
Birth Late-Third Age
Death Early-Fourth Age
Age Unknown
Fate Taking her grandson to the fifth level with the rest of the civilians during the Siege of Minas Tirith.
Parentage Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Physical attributes
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Gender Female
Weapon None
Race Human (Gondorian)
Actor Unknown actress

Darabeth was a Gondorian woman who lived in the southern region of Gondor. A member of the Dúnedain that were blessed with long life, she was married to Lord Duinhir, and the mother of Duilin and Derufin, as well as the grandmother of an unnamed grandson. While her husband and sons had remained separate from her, Darabeth spent most of his life in Minas Tirith, and would often look after her grandson.


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