The Dúnedain were a race of humans that descended from the Númenóreans who survived the sinking of their island kingdom and came to Eriador in Middle-earth, led by Elendil and his sons, Isildur and Anárion. Blessed with long life, the Dúnedain settled mainly in Arnor and Gondor. This name was reserved to those Númenóreans who were friendly to the Elves: the other, hostile survivors of the Downfall were known as the Black Númenóreans.


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Aragorn, one of the Dúnedain Rangers of Arnor.

Regionional AreasEdit

Dúnedain of the NorthEdit

The Dúnedain of the North were the were the Sindarin speaking descendants of the Númenórean settlers who had founded the Kingdom of Arnor in the Second Age. After the fall of the last anorian Kingdom, Arthedain, many of their descendants survived in remote sanctuaries, guarded by the Rangers of the North.

Dúnedain of the SouthEdit

The Dúnedain of the South were the Sindarin speaking descendants of the original Númenórean settlers who had founded the Kingdom of Gondor during the Second Age. The southern Dúnedain spoke an archaic Westron while a few families, the House of Dol Amroth or the royal family, still preserved a Sindarin dialect as language of etiquette and scholarship.


Direct descendants of the Númenóreans, the Dúnedain are known to live three times longer than normal Humans in the world of Arda. A good example is Aragorn (who was born in TA 2914) tells Éowyn he is 87 years old and is shown to be relatively young like every generation. Like the Dwarves who live for 250-350 years, their average lifespan is more than 150-180 years, and like their Númenórean ancestors, they are ageless, but their hair color would soon turn gray or white when they reach between the ages 150-160. At the beginning of the Fourth Age, the blood of the Dúnedain was renewed by Aragorn and Arwen's marriage, and generations thereafter would live for more than 400-500 years of life; similar to that of the generations following Elros. However, Aragorn did have the longest uninterrupted reign of all his descendants.

Notable DúnedainEdit


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