Name Breelander
Dominions Bree
Languages Breeish
Height 6'
Skin Color
Hair Color
Lifespan 80-100 years

Breelanders were the indigenious Inhabitants of Breeland.


The Breelanders were a tough and stocky folk, most were of average height, dark haired and dark eyed although some had a somewhat swarthy complexion. Their clothing conformed with the archetypical garb of the rural folk of Arnor and hadn´t changed much during times. Men wore button-down shirts, waistcoats or shortgowns and trousers of wool and linen, broad belts, heavy boots or brogues of leather and often neck scarves and practical hats or caps. Women wore simple dresses of Wool or linen, rarely very decorated.


The vast majority of the breelanders lived in small hamlets and farmsteads all across over Breeland, there were only three larger villages, Archet, Combe, Staddle, and Bree itself. The only official was the "Mayor of Bree" who was appointed annually by the Breelanders (a council of the heads of the Bree-families). An office inherited from ancient Arthedain was the Constable.


The Breelanders spoke Breeish, a local Westron-dialect.

Known BreelandersEdit


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