Battle of Pelagir
A fleet of Corsair ships prepare to invade Pelargir
Conflict: War of the Ring (Siege of Gondor)
Date: TA 3001
Place: Pelagir
Outcome: Gondorian victory
Rest of the Umbarean fleet retreat
Gondor Umbar
Angbor Dalamyr
11,250 Gondorian soldiers of Pelargir+2750 Gondorian riders defend the city.
Reinforced by 9000 Gondorian soldiers of Lamedon and 7000 Ithilien Rangers of Blackroot Vale.
50,000 Umbareans+200 Umbar Vessels
Heavy Very Heavy

The Battle of Pelagir was one of the battles when the enemies of Mordor prepare to invade southern Gondor during the War of the Ring.


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