Battle of Bree

Conflict: War of the Ring
Date: TA 3001
Place: Bree
Outcome: Breelander victory
Bree Ruffians
Halbarad Dúnadan Bill Ferny II
Long Tom
2050 Breelanders, 1845 Hobbits of Bree, 205 Dúnedain Northern Rangers 5000 Ruffians
Heavy Very Heavy

The Battle of Bree was a conflict that took place in the marketing town of Bree during the War of the Ring.


As the War of the Ring began, Sauron refused to allow any free-folk to unite in one single banner since he was still aware of the heir of Isildur Elendilion. He tasked his servant Saruman to launch an attack on Eriador. Halbarad Dúnadan was aware of this and led about 205 Northern Rangers to warn on what was coming. Many of the settlers of men and women, including the hobbits that settled also, were not well-armed or strong enough for battle but they all had to fight. Just as the Ruffians had broken the West-gate of Bree, the battle started and every Breelander and Ranger engaged the oncoming enemy. Both sides suffered heavy casualties, but the Rangers and Breelanders kept on fighting and did as much to push the enemy back.

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